Welcome to Axolomics!

This is primarily a site for distribution of axolotl datasets from the Stewart and Thomson laboratories. These data are available under the Axolomics tab. In addition, this serves as an online resource for large-scale “omic” data on the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum). Here you will find data and resources collected for the benefit of the wider axolotl research community, as well as links to important sources of axolotl information. Axolomics includes transcriptomic data from microarray and RNA-seq technologies and proteomic information, all of which are searchable and downloadable. In the future, a file upload utility, bioinformatics analysis tools such as differential expression analysis, and other “omics” data will also be added.

By providing a comprehensive online collection of axolotl data and facilitating collaboration among researchers, Axolomics aims to enable rigorous scientific study of the axolotl’s regenerative capabilities and to improve our understanding of mammalian regeneration.

If you have suggestions for this site, please email axo@morgridgeinstitute.org.

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